College Life

Of rainy days, college, math exams, and everything in between.

Where I come from, the rain’s a sinister thing that’s out to ruin your day. It’s not the romantic kind of shower you find in the movies, or the depressing downpour you walk under to when you feel the urge to contemplate about life. What we constantly have back here is the raging, angry kind of rain that will crush you the moment you challenge it, umbrella at hand. Keep safe and stay indoors.

I’ve been stuck in my dorm for the past four days because of the not-quite-typhoon that’s apparently tearing it’s way through the capital. Meteorologists are saying it’s just another seasonal monsoon, but as far as I’m concerned, anything that’s caused this university to suspend classes for an entire week is legendary. I’m proud to be a part of history in the making as one of its thousands of students suffering/enjoying the sudden ten-day weekend.

The novelty of the suspension and the rain wore of somewhere around the third day though. After that, I was spending 12 hours of my day on sleep (it’s hard to resist in this cold weather) and entire afternoons reading this amusing webcomic and watching this particular anime which I have really confused feelings for. I’m surprised I even remember how to blow time off so inefficiently. It was nice at first, especially since my last major math exam just ended, but now it feels I can hear my brain begging for something productive to do just to keep up with the routine I’ve pegged myself to since college started.

College. I’m beginning to miss going to class a bit more just talking about it. Terribly. It’s been two months since I started going to school in a university named after the Philippines, two months since I moved into my dorm, two months since I started running marathons just to get on class on time, and two months since I started introducing myself as a math major to acquaintances (apparently, in college, it’s mandatory or something to include your major when introducing yourself; huh).

Two months of routine blown off by a waterlogged break. So here’s to the next few rainy days I’ll be spending coercing myself back into sleeping on time, reaching my quota of studying hours, and not skipping meals before classes kick in. And here’s to hoping everything dries up and everyone can get on with their lives. But before  anything, i’m off to spend another delightful afternoon reading through personified Scandinavian nations. Yay.


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